No. At the moment DnDork marketplace is a self hosted application that runs on your web server. Pay once and it's yours forever. However, a hosted version is coming soon!
You need an Apache server running a Unix like operating system (eg. Linux) with PHP & MySQL support. Almost all hosting companies support them. Learn more about technical requirements.
DnDork marketplace can be installed on one domain per license. To install DnDork marketplace on more domains, you need additional licenses. DnDork marketplace's licensed domain is just 'where you install DnDork marketplace on'
We're using DnDork marketplace as well and will continually make it better and better. Customer Support is free for lifetime including all major releases. Software updates are on a yearly renewal.
Yes. Just follow our installation guide to setup and running in minutes.
Yes. If you require installation service, we do provide it for only $30 additional. Please order setup package to avail our installation service.

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