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Earn up to 20% commission on each qualified sale

Partnering with us can be a great way to earn additional revenue, help us build the DnDork brand, and ensure your friends and clients have a long term partner they can trust.

You will earn 20% of every sale which can be as much as $99 per sale. The limit is the sky!

Good news. Our affiliate program is open to everyone now. You can instantly join by filling a small form. We will review your application and approve it accordingly within 72 hours. If you have any question, please send us an email at

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Don't know what is an affiliate program? Read about affiliate programs on How Stuff Works.

Affiliate Program FAQ

What's DnDork affiliates?

DnDork affiliates is a program where you get commission for every customer you refer to us. Upon signup, you'll be given a special affiliate URL. When a user buys DnDork marketplace as a result of visiting your affiliate URL, you will receive a commission.

How do I make money?

Use your affiliate link anywhere you want to promote DnDork. Whenever someone clicks the link and land on, a cookie will be stored in their browser for 45 days. If they buy DnDork marketplace within this period, you will receive 20% commission of total sale price in your PayPal account.

What happens when a customer ask for a refund? Do I have to refund my commission?

We offer refunds on a case by case basis. If a charge is refunded back to a customer, we will contact you for a refund of your commission. If you refuse, your affiliate account will be terminated.

Do I need to be a user of DnDork?

Yes. We want our affiliate program to be honest and legitimate. Our affiliates should be advocates of DnDork too. We don't want affiliates to evangelize DnDork just for monetary returns (without even knowing what it is), thus misleading our future customers.

When will I get paid?

Within 15 days after the sale. There's no waiting period for months. Make sure your PayPal email address on file with us is valid so that you have no problem receiving commissions.

When I refer a customer to DnDork, how long does the user have to buy DnDork so that I get a commission?

45 days. A cookie will be stored on the user's browser for this time period. If a user buys DnDork within this time period, you will get a commission.